Friday, September 12, 2008


i wish i can be there for your comfort right now. it's a scary time for both of us, and it's so much harder for me 'cause i can talk to you right now. call that number but hang up, as if something is happening to you and they can help, from over here. i just wanna through it with you, i know everything is going to be alright. But still, i want it for both of our comfort. i miss you. wishing & praying for the best.

I can hear you, don't hang up. You can't hear me. You told me water is splashing in and i'm worried, you also said that it should be over tomorrow, but that's another 24 hours. Three bars left, no internet, no power. Be safe.

i hate how, we're on the line and you can't hear a word i say. i feel like i can't help you. come back over here.

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